Union Square Neighborhood Council

Somerville, MA

What Is It?

The redevelopment that will transform our neighborhood is just beginning. Residents, business people, and city officials have been working together to plan a Neighborhood Council to influence this transformation.

This presentation provides an overview of the Working Group and the decisons made so far.

Major Upcoming Events

Upcoming Working Group Meetings

The bulk of the major work for the Neighborhood Council in the coming weeks will take place at the subcommittee level - particularly Elections and Outreach. If you would like to join either (or both!) of those committees, check them out here.

About the Proposed Council


Our Vision for Union Square is a thriving, engaged, enjoyable, inclusive, sustainable, diverse urban neighborhood and vibrant commercial center.


Our Mission is to shape the future of Union Square as an increasingly inclusive and vibrant neighborhood and commercial center built around the aspirations of the people who live and work here.


Our Values are interdependence, inclusion, wellness, participation, equity, enjoyment, stewardship, transparency and civic engagement.


Our Goals are to build community, empower members of the community, minimize displacement and promote affordability, increase economic opportunity, and steward the public realm and built environment. Furthermore, the Union Sq. Neighborhood Council aspires to be representative of the demographics of the community in Union Square. Our ideal board is comprised of at least 50% women and at least 27% people of color just like our neighborhood. We recognize these goals are aspirational however we do ask that all candidates for board be committed to the above and think creatively about how to achieve it for the USNC.

Who Are We?

The Neighborhood Council Working Group is:


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If you’d like to be involved with a Working Group Committee, please sign up for the mailing lists below. The Outreach and Elections Committees are the most critical in the coming months so please consider joining them if you want to help out!