Community Preservation Act Proposals

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Union Square resident Rob Buchanan has put together two proposals for improvement of the Union Square area with regard to both functional and ├Žsthetic benefits.  Both of these proposals were endorsed by the USNC board at the May 14th general meeting.

 To see the slides Rob has prepared and placed into PDF format, select the links below, either in the headings or (invisibly) on the images.  The PDFs will be displayed in a new browser tab.


Proposal One: Restoration of Firehouse Cupola

This proposed project would fund a feasibility study to estimate the costs and necessary steps to restore the historic cupola and clock tower on the old Union Square Fire Station at 92 Union Square.

190514 union square firehouse


Proposal Two: Washington Street Park

The Washington Street Sidewalk Park project would include the design and installation a small year-round public seating area and planters located on an existing sidewalk that is approximately 12 to 15 feet wide in an area of Union Square that has seen increasing foot-traffic and a growing retail presence.

190515 washington st parklet