Proposed USNC Bylaws Amendments

Monday, January 18, 2021

During USNC Board Elections in March 2020, voters were asked about their support for possible bylaw changes. Two changes had significant support - moving USNC elections to May and making board terms two years instead of the current one year.

The following proposed change to the bylaws will be voted on at the USNC meeting Monday January 18, 7 pm. All members of the USNC (nominally anyone aged 16 or older who lives, works, or owns property in the Union Square boundaries as shown at the end of our bylaws) can vote on this bylaw change, but must be present on the Zoom meeting to vote. 

This bylaw amendment vote has been noticed at least two weeks ahead, as per Article 15 of our bylaws:
Article 15 - Amendments to Bylaws: Amendments to these bylaws will be adopted with approval of a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of Neighborhood Council members present and voting at a membership meeting with a quorum of the Neighborhood Council Board members in attendance. The proposed amendment and planned vote will be made public a minimum of two weeks in advance of the meeting.

Current language: Board Elections Committee

A. The Board Elections Committee shall determine the date(s) of the election, approximately one year after the previous Board election.

Proposed change to be voted on: A. The Board Elections Committee shall determine the date(s) of the election which will be held during the month of May, approximately two years after the previous Board election. There will be an exception for the board that was elected in March 2020, whose term will last until an election that will take place in May 2021. Subsequent elections will be held approximately every two years following the date of that election in the month of May.

If this amendment is approved, the next election for the USNC Board will be May 2021 for a two-year term.