Design Review Committee Meeting

August 30, 2018 

To stream the audio of the second hour of the two hour meeting of the Design Review Committee, which pertains to the D2 parcel project, use the player above (which may require you to install the Flash plugin, if you do not already have it installed), or else left click on this link (which will work if your browser has a plugin capable of playing MP3).  Otherwise, right click on the link in the previous sentence to download the MP3 file.

This meeting was a follow-on to the previous meeting of August 20, where US2 presented updated design plans before the Somerville Design Review Committee. Since that meeting, DRC members have studied that design as well as public comments, which were invited at that time.  This meeting was held at 6:30 PM in the aldermanic chambers at City Hall.

A follow-on meeting is taking place on Thursday, September 13 at the VNA.

Slides from the US2 proposal are available on the City of Somerville web site under Design and Site Plans.

Please see also the alternative design plans whose essential principles have been recommended for consideration by the USNC board.  The alternative plan shown below places the public open space in between buildings, rather than putting it immediately adjacent to Prospect Street, where exhaust fumes and traffic noise would likely make for an unpleasant and possibly unhealthful public environment.

 d2 sketch tim talun half size