Built Environment Committee Meeting

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Public Safety Building, 220 Washington Street (7-9 PM)


  1. Intros
  2. Prepare for the US2 neighborhood meeting
  3. Review parameters of MEPA review with regard to D2
  4. Civic space presentation to DRC by US2
  5. Review report by the Design Review Committee and recommendations to US2 on civic space
  6. Buildings D2.1, D2.2, and D2.3
  7. Report on Our Revolution citywide meeting
    1. No transfer of city land until CBA is signed
    2. Design and BEC support from OR
    3. Support from Ayanna Pressley's campaign
  8. Upcoming Zoning
  9. Confirmations and appointments: Nov5 Planning Board members Jerry Amaral, Mike Capuano, Rebecca Lyn-Cooper
  10. Other business
  11. Homework (watch tonight's Land Use Committee Meeting)
  12. Next Meeting