Built Environment Committee Meeting

Sunday, March 4, 2018




  1. Approval of previous meeting minutes

  2. Review and confirm letter to City for SomerVision goal of 125 acres of green and open space.
    What other mechanisms can we employ to achieve this objective?
    Other developments (especially in Boynton Yards) are happening. What are their contributions to open space?

  3. Draft letter reaching out to city and US2 to find out where they are in this development process.

  4. Review strategies for communication with US2. Monthly in person reports at USNC meetings? Email? Coffee? Benefits of having a broader personal rapport between US2 and the community?

  5. Zoning overhaul updates and discussion of questions and concerns for a meeting with the city. Add your own zoning analysis here.

  6. Ideas for tour of D blocks currently planned for Saturday March 17.

  7. Other items for discussion.

  8. Schedule next meeting

  9. Adjourn