Outreach & Communications Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Public Safety Building (Police Station), 220 Washington St.  7:00 - 9:00 PM
(Academy Room - main floor)


  1. welcome and introductions

  2. brief review of history of O & C committee

  3. general discussion of how we want to use our time together tonight – what brings each of us and what do we want to accomplish?

  4. review of remainder of agenda and discussion of possible amendments

  5. consideration of purpose of O & C committee and how it can help USNC to abide by Section 2 bylaws (listed in separate handout), to better perform its functions and to attract & retain new active members
  6. brainstorming on how to accomplish item #5 objectives

  7. How can USNC become more visible to Union Square citizens?
      (and how can we best administer and use the web site to best effect?)

  8. How can members and prospective members engage with USNC other than attending general meetings?

  9. what message to use for public interactions, like farmers market table?

10. consideration of “house party” style engagement with locals to help them understand what we’re doing and how they can become involved

11. planning for electing co-chairpersons for O & C committee

12. brainstorming/scheduling some kind of fundraising/social event