Outreach & Communications Committee Meeting

Thursday, November 12, 2020


This meeting was conducted by means of the Zoom conferencing software.


The following proposed agenda was open to amendment at the start of the meeting.

  1. review main purposes of this committee, especially as they relate to our present needs:
    How can we:
    1. give real meaning to items listed in Section 2 of the USNC bylaws (mission, vision, values, etc.), especially those relating to participation, inclusion and representation?
    2. involve more members in doing what’s needed for the USNC to be as effective as possible?
    3. best do outreach to members, prospective members and others in the Union Square area who may choose to not become members, despite being eligible?
    4. let others within the city know about what we’re doing, so we can be more effective through political means and better serve as a model for neighborhood councils that might be established elsewhere in the city?
    5. solicit and obtain information about the needs and priorities of those the board has been formed to represent, and encourage them to become active in assisting in its efforts?

  2. think about practical possibilities for answering the questions listed above, such as:
    1. create an online “welcome packet” for new (and prospective) members as was suggested by board member Michèle Hansen during the meeting of 24 February 2018
    2. produce content for our regular member newsletter that summarizes what is happening with regard to development activities in the Union Square area, what has been achieved through USNC efforts, and what new tasks have been identified since the last issue of the newsletter
    3. create a web-based forum for conducting discussions in various topic areas relating to what we’re working on at present, getting a sense of how members feel and soliciting assistance as needs arise
    4. create written and video materials to help USNC members and prospective members understand the terminology and mechanics of development, including the legal, technical and procedural framework within which such activity takes place, and what opportunities for intervention may exist to address the needs of present and future populations of those living, working and owning property in the Union Square area

  3. create and recruit members of a web site subcommittee to think through how to improve and maintain our web site

  4. agree to a means to exchange information among members of the O & C committee between meetings (probably initially a mailing list, to be replaced by a web-based forum ASAP)

  5. identify, as well as we’re able at this point, priorities to address in future meetings

  6. decide on how frequently we want to hold O & C meetings and schedule our next meeting