Pedestrian Bridge Committee

September, 2021

Next meeting

to be arranged and announced

Mission and Purpose

Boynton Yards is going to be a hugely developed area which will produce large numbers of residents and jobs. Automobile access to the area is very difficult due to limited road capacity. The only way to reach that area on foot from the new Union Square MBTA Green Line stop as it is presently envisioned and planned will be over one bridge (on Prospect Street) with one narrow sidewalk. Neighbors have suggested a pedestrian bridge between Union Square and Boynton Yards to address the need for much more direct access.  Developers and the City seem interested.  But there has been no leadership from the City.

If you would like to become a member of a committee to develop ideas and strategies aimed at producing a safe, convenient and well-placed pedestrian bridge, please send a message via the contact form, providing as much information about yourself and your ideas on this subject as you think appropriate.