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Union Square Neighborhood Council

Somerville, MA

Elections have not yet happened, but they are described in the bylaws as follows:


July 7 by 5pm – Candidate packets due - electronically or in person or by mail (see below)


The Union Square Neighborhood Council shall be open to everyone who works or lives in Union Square as well as anyone who lives in Somerville. Stakeholders include but are not limited to people who participate in religious, social or community organizations in Union Square, receive services from an agency in Union Square, have kids in Union Square schools, take classes in Union Square, live just outside the specified border but identify with Union Square, have recently been displaced from Union Square, own property in Union Square etc. Prospective members of the Neighborhood Council will be asked complete a membership form which includes a statement of their “stake” in Union Square. Please see the bylaws for exact language.

Interim Board

There shall be established a Founding Board comprised of fifteen (15) members that shall serve and execute the responsibilities of the Neighborhood Council in its first year. All Neighborhood Council Board members must be over 16 years of age and live or work in Union Square. The initial Board will serve for one year. If a Board member is displaced from Union Square he or she may serve out the duration of his or her term. The Founding Board members shall be elected by eligible members.

Interim Board Structure

  # of Seats
Union Sq. Home Owner Seat (owns primary residence in Union Square) 2
Union Sq. Renter Seat 3
Union Sq. Worker Seat 2
Union Sq. Business Owner Seat 2
Charitable/Religious/Educational/Advocacy/Group or Organizations with a physical presence and personnel in Somerville (Open to all formal and informal groups. A group may only run one candidate for this seat.) 2
Immigrant Seat (born outside the United States) 2
Open Seat (anyone who lives or works in Union Square) 2

To be on the ballot, candidates must:

Candidates packets

Candidate packets due electronically or in person or by mail: