Union Square Neighborhood Council

Somerville, MA

Elections and Election Methodology

In accordance with the bylaws ratified on October 23rd, elections for the Council board will take place via a public vote: December 2nd, 10am-2pm, and December 6th, 7am-8pm

Voting will take place at the Somerville Police Station/Public Safety Building, at 220 Washington Street.

All election-related information, including voting and tabulation methodology, can be found thoroughly detailed in the aforementioned bylaws and in the elections packet

Elections took place as planned, and we now have a Council Board! Stay tuned for updates on how to stay engaged with the Neighborhood Council.

Candidates and Eligibility

As described in the bylaws:

There shall be established a Founding Board comprised of fifteen (15) members that shall serve and execute the responsibilities of the Neighborhood Council in its first year. All Neighborhood Council Board members must be over 16 years of age and live or work in Union Square. The initial Board will serve for one year. If a Board member is displaced from Union Square he or she may serve out the duration of his or her term. The Founding Board members shall be elected by eligible members.

The master developer shall not have an employee, representative, or consultant on the board of the Neighborhood Council. If a board member becomes an employee, representative, or paid consultant of an active Union Square developer during their term, they will be replaced by the process described in Section 3.3.5.