Union Square Neighborhood Council

Somerville, MA

Member Eligibility

Membership in the Union Square Neighborhood Council is open to anyone who has lived, worked, owned property, or owned a business in the Union Square neighborhood boundaries at any point within the last 12 months.

If you don’t meet these eligibility requirements, you can still participate in meetings and discussions as a non-member, but you can’t vote.

Membership Form

If you want to be a voting member of the USNC, please fill out the following form - even if you’ve voted in past referendums or elections, are already receiving the USNC newsletter, or otherwise have participated in the group. We might not have all your contact information yet.

Click here to fill out the membership form!

You may fill the form out now or do it in person at any upcoming event where voting will be part of the agenda (none currently scheduled)… but you might as well do it now!

Union Square Neighborhood Map

union square neighborhood boundaries map