USNC General Meeting

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Public Safety building (220 Washington Street) — Academy room — 7-9 PM


  1. Welcome
  2. Public comment on agenda items (esp. those to be voted on by the board)      -10 minutes
  3. Report on designation by BoA of the USNC as the negotiating body for CBA with US2   -  5 minutes
  4. Report on Finance Committee decision to delay transfer of D2 parcel from city to US2  - 10 minutes
  5. Update on progress of Training Program for Negotiating Team                                         - 5 minutes
    Decision on strategy for getting US2 to change the design for Phase One                     - 25 minutes
    Two suggestions have surfaced:
    1. Host a meeting where US2 explains why it can or cannot implement suggested specific changes made by representatives of the community at two previous Design Review meetings, and/or
    2. Host a workshop(s) to come up with a community-supported alternative to replace that of US2
  6. BEC recommendation on previous matter
  7. Decision on response to US2’s Environmental Notification Form filing with MEPA that requests a
    waiver in order not to file a full environmental review on Phase One                             - 25 minutes
  8. Report on meeting concerning JJ Sullivan site development plans                               - 10 minutes
  9. Setting up a Permanent Bylaws committee – how structure + volunteers                     -   5 minutes
  10. Poll results and decision about dates for summer meetings of the board                     -   5 minutes
  11. Public Comment                                                                                                             -10 minutes
  12. Executive Session – Personnel issues and Strategy Discussion on Negotiations