USNC General Meeting

Tuesday, September 11, 2018



Public Safety building (220 Washington Street) — Academy room — 7-9 PM


1. Welcome and introductions
2. Approval of minutes of 8/30/18 meeting 5 minutes
3. Public Comment 10 minutes
4. Discussion & decision on response to MEPA decision to deny waiver for Phase 1 and scope of EIR 15 minutes
5. Report on progress of negotiations for a CBA 10 minutes
6. Decision on strategy for BoA Finance Committee meeting – 9/12 15 minutes
7. Discussion and vote on AMENDMENT TO INTERIM BYLAWS, Section 3.3.9* --- separation of Permanent Bylaws vote from Board Election vote. 30 minutes
8. Bylaws Committee report 10 minutes
9. Public Comment 10 minutes
10. Executive Session – to discuss strategy and tactics for negotiations for a CBA

*3.3.9 Formation of Permanent Neighborhood Council Structure and Bylaws

These interim bylaws shall be ratified in an election to coincide with the election of the Founding Board for a period of one year. The interim bylaws will be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all persons at a public meeting publicized at least 2 weeks in advance. By the end of the year immediately following the election of the Founding Board, permanent bylaws will be proposed by the Founding Board and shall be presented and voted on for ratification. These proposed permanent bylaws will be made available to the broader community via email notification on the USNC newsletter and on the USNC website 2 weeks before the vote. Permanent bylaws will be approved by a 2/3 vote of the membership of the Neighborhood Council in a ballot vote. Following ratification, the permanent bylaws will replace the interim bylaws immediately. If no permanent bylaws are approved in this manner after the year, the interim bylaws, in whatever form that they have been amended as per Article 15, shall hold and a new Interim Board will be elected for a period of one year. The Neighborhood Council will continue working on a set of bylaws to submit for ratification by the community and shall submit those bylaws for a ratification vote no later than one year after the USNC Board election. This process shall repeat until the Neighborhood Council Membership approves a new set of bylaws or until the Neighborhood Council is dissolved as stated in Article 12.