USNC General Meeting

Monday, December 7, 2020




This meeting was conducted by means of the Zoom conferencing software.


1. Welcome and introductions (5 min) 

2. Public comment (10 min) 

3. Discussion about Gateway Innovation Center/Macone Neighborhood Meeting and MEPA ENF filing (10 min)

4. Boynton Yards and John Fenton’s request for a meeting; and discussion of response to his letter (10 min)

5. Progress on getting meetings with Tom Galligani, Melissa Woods of OSPCD (5 min)

6. Discussion of when to meet with CV Properties, the developer of the project located at 64 Webster Avenue (corner of Webster Avenue and Columbia Street) (5 min)

7. Report from neighborhood meeting with Tom Lichoulas on Dane & Washington Streets Site and further discussions (10 min)

8. Update on assembly row revised neighborhood planning (5 min)

9. Progress on developing language for proposed Bylaw changes, setting date for a vote by membership (10 min)

10. Somerville Stands Together Food Drive announcement and involvement (5 min)

11. Checking when the next USNC meeting will be (5 min)

12. Public comment (10 min)

13. Executive Session

The meeting will also be accessible via phone (audio only).  Please use the Contact form to request the phone numbers, which are being protected for security reasons.