USNC General Meeting

Monday, December 21, 2020




This meeting was conducted by means of the Zoom conferencing software.


  1. Welcome and introductions (5 min) 

  2. Public comment (10 min) 

  3. Announcement of commitment letter from DLJ in Boynton Yards (5 min)

  4. Presentation by CV Properties, the developer of the project located at 64 Webster Avenue (corner of Webster Avenue and Columbia Street) (15 min)

  5. Q & A with CV Properties about their planned development (20 min)

  6. Presentation by Macone/Capital Hall Partners on their planned Gateway Innovation Center development of the Hub Glass site, between Target and McGrath Highway (15 min)

  7. Q & A with Macone/Capital Hall Partners about their planned development (20 min)

  8. Update on efforts to get a meeting with OSPCD – Tom Galligani, Dan Bartman, and Sarah Lewis (5 min)

  9. Approval of meeting minutes from December 07, November 23 (5 min)

10. Report on SST Food Drive (5 min)

11. Bylaws changes- vote timetable (5 min)

12. Any other items not foreseen by the Board (5 min)

13. Scheduling next USNC meeting in the New Year (5 min)

14. Public comment (10 min)

15. Executive Session