USNC General Meeting

Monday, March 15, 2021




This meeting was conducted by means of the Zoom conferencing software.


1. Welcome and introductions (5 min) 

2. Public comment (10 min)

3. Approval of meeting minutes from March 01 (5 min)

4. May Election Update - Discussion and approval of a voting method and any other instructions to the Election Committee (10 min)

5. Vote to approve the process for approving text over email (10 min)

6. Discussion about USNC Mission Statement and vote on whether to read the mission statement at the beginning of USNC meetings (10 min)

7. CBA Monitoring Committee update (5 min)

8. Other Developer Updates (10 min)

9. Recap of meeting with Tom Galligani (and emailed responses by Sarah Lewis afterward) (5 min)

10. Proposal for developers to provide funding for consultants to conduct peer reviews (10 min)

11. Updates on planning to redesign Union Square plaza (5 min)

12. Scheduling the next USNC meeting (5 min)

13. Public comment (10 min)

14. Executive Session - developer negotiation discussions