USNC General Meeting

Monday, May 10, 2021




This meeting was conducted by means of the Zoom conferencing software.


  1. Welcome, introductions, and reading of the mission statement (5 min)
  2. Public comment (10 min)
  3. Approval of meeting minutes from April 26 (5 min)
  4. Election planning (Election on May 22 and 25) (15 min)
    -decision on whether to have electronic voting option
    -confirming there are enough volunteers for the two election day voting windows
    -advertising the election broadly to the community
    -any other concerns?
  5. ​Discussion about whether and how to record notes for executive sessions (10 min)
  6. Developer Updates (10 min)
  7. a) Announcement of filing of Zoning text and map amendments by residents of 80 Webster Ave related to CV Properties development
    b) Announcement of May 26 neighborhood meeting #2 on Boynton Yards Building 2 and Civic Space.
    c) Other developer updates?
  8. Discussion and decision on whether the USNC wants to appoint a Monitoring Committee for oversight over Boynton Yards and developments other than US2 (20 min)
  9. Possible date to invite SCLT to make presentation to the Board (5 min)
  10. Fair Housing Task Force – do we want a representative on it? (5 min)
  11. Brief discussion of how the USNC can better live the values listed in section 2 of the bylaws, including inclusion, participation, and transparency (10 min)
  12. Scheduling the next USNC meeting (5 min)
  13. Public comment (10 min)
  14. Executive Session - developer negotiation discussions