D2 Parcel Alternative Proposals

presented at August 13, 2018 BEC meeting

At the BEC meeting on August 13th, three proposals were presented that represent alternative designs to what had been proposed by US2, which has since submitted another design in response to feedback received from those who reviewed their previous proposal.

After some discussion, a vote was taken among those present at the BEC meeting, which resulted in a resolution to endorse the underlying principles of the Group 1 design.

There is at present some uncertainty as to the actual cost of creating underground, as opposed to an "above grade" parking facility, such as the three-storey garage that is being proposed by US2.  All three of the alternative designs proposed by those who took part in the Bow Market workshop session at which the drawings and notes linked above were produced are premised on the idea of a single level of underground parking.  The cost differential between above and below grade parking can be expected to be an important part of future debates.