USNC 2020 Election Results

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Due to concerns about the Covid-19 outbreak, the second day of voting, which had been due to take place on Saturday, March 14th was canceled.  After some deliberation, the elections committee decided to not attempt to re-schedule that event, because we are at this point unsure when it could take place in the foreseeable future and due to the fact that with 13 candidates running for 15 seats, the election was, essentially, uncontested.

The committee, on behalf of the USNC as a whole, is pleased to announce the results of that election.  Please see our Board page for information about the new members, including their statements of candidacy.



Votes for and against each of the four questions on the ballot were recorded as follows.

ballot questions


The percentages of votes for and against these proposals are as follows.

bq percentages