USNC Board

The USNC board was put in place as the result of voting in the election held on May 22nd and 25th, 2021.


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Tori Antonino

tori antonino 2021
65 Boston Street #2 renter My name is Tori Antonino. I am an advocate and activist in Union Square and Somerville, with a focus on environmental sustainability, ecological regeneration in our public and private spaces and social justice where it intersects with climate, health, food security and access to green spaces. I want to continue to serve on the board so that developers coming to Union Square and Somerville know that expectations are higher than in other places, and that working with the community intensely with a goal of signing a benefits contract is part of the prosocess. This expectation and execution creates a better project for the developer, as well as those who live, work and leisure in our city. I ask for your vote.
Ann E. Camara

ann camara

53 Hanson Street homeowner

Hello. My name is Ann E. Camara. I live at 53 Hanson Street. I am running for a seat on the Union Square Neighborhood Council. I have lived in Somerville for 44 years, raised my children, taught Sunday school, run home day care and always stayed involved with community. I like to write songs and go to the ocean. I joined the work group and then the board of the USNC, so far three years served, worked hard, negotiated, held the role of co-chair this last term and am passionate in what this board does and can do for the Union Square community. I am asking for your vote so I can help continue the work, support others' work, help everyone have a voice -- no limits. Thank you.

Bill Cavellini

33 Oak Street renter

As a founding member of the USNC and a Board member since its beginning in 2017, I have championed development without displacement. Equity issues have been at the top of my list of community benefits which I helped negotiate in agreements with developers in Union Square and Boynton Yards.

I am a member of the USNC Monitoring Committee that meets regularly with representatives of USQ to ensure compliance with the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). I will continue to fight for good jobs, affordable housing, and a comprehensive community center as I join with others to negotiate CBA agreements. To do less would be a betrayal to my roots in Union United, the organization that introduced CBAs to Somerville, and to my grand daughters who live with me in a two-family house.

Isabella Drago

isabella drago

26 Warren Avenue renter

I am a lifelong Union Square resident. Last year, I had the honor of serving as a board member for the first time. This position allowed me to engage with developers, grassroots organizations, and community members with whom I was unfamiliar. I learned how the USNC functions and makes visions a reality on the structural level. If fortunate enough to be re-elected, I will utilize this new knowledge to fight for intergenerational justice, representation for workers in the informal economy, and preservation of untion Square's identity. Our neighborhood is already starting to look unrecognizable and one-dimensional. We must take action.

Andrew Greenspon

andy greenspon

14 Boston Street,
Unit 3C

I’m running for re-election to continue the work I’ve done the past 3+ years and to see through a number of on-going activities. We are at various stages of negotiation with multiple large-scale developers for community benefits. With the new Green Line stations coming and changes in our community accelerating, I want to build on our past achievements in advocating to developers and the city for community interests such as affordable housing, civic space, traffic mitigation, and local jobs hiring. As Secretary for the past 2+ years, I documented our activities and managed our communication with the broader public. While COVID has hampered our outreach efforts, I would like to push for more participation and dialogue in the USNC. Local residents and businesses will face even more pressure from development in the next few years. We must all come together and help each other find common ground and unite for common purpose.

Michèle Hansen
michele hansen

26 Warren Avenue renter

My family has lived in Somerville for over 100 years. The Green Line T-stop that was first proposed when I was in my teens is on the verge of opening and the development associated with it is well underway. It would be my honor if re-elected to continue the important work of the USNC at this critical juncture. I will strive to mitigate displacement, increase affordable housing, expand green/open space and promote the highest standards of environmental sustainability. We must hold present and future developers accountable to protect the autonomy and dignity of our community.

Van Hardy

van hardy

30 Walnut Street renter

Jobs, housing, and quality of life for low income marginalized families are my primary goals. Developing strategies for the community to gain a fair and reasonable return on its investment in the development is the challenge, while mitigating the negative impacts of development. As a member of the Union Square Neighborhood Council's negotiating team, my focus was on jobs and housing. I have lived and worked in Somerville for over two decades. I have been an active member of Somerville Community Corporation as a board for 8 years.

My background includes human services, documentry photography, community and labor organizing.

Ilan Levin

ilan levin

1 Clark Street, Unit B homeowner

My wife and I went on our first date in Union Square in 2011. Many dates later, we are now a family of 4 and love this neighborhood more every day.

If elected, I will proudly represent and advocate for the Union Square community and ensure that the investments made in the square benefits all of its inhabitants and employees. As an essential transportation worker, I understand the exciting opportunities coming to our square but also know how important it is to make sure our square remains diverse and accessible to those who live and work here.

Mary Napolitano
mary napolitano
252 Medford St, #300 renter My name is Mary Napalitano. I grew up in the Union Square neighborhood (14 Loring St.), attended St Joseph's Elementary School and St Joseph's Girls High School. I have two grown sons and three grandsons. My relatives still live in the Union Square eighborhood. I volunteered with the CAAS welfare advocacy group when my boys were very young, rallied at the State House and gave testimony. I worked as a nurse's aide for a short period of time. I returned to school at Bunker Hill Community College. After working for North Suffolk Mental Health for 23 years as a senior residential counselor, I retired. I am involved with Somerville Stands Together, belong to Mass. Senior Action, am VP of the Cambridge / Somerville chapter board, and am involved with Union United. I really care about what is happening with development in Union Square and how it affects the community.

Phil Privitera


phil privitera

PCI Management
59 Union Square,
Suite 200
business owner, worker

I was born in Somerville and run a family business established in Union Square (Barrister's Hall) before I was born. My family, friends, neighbors, and fellow tenants are tired of being victimized and priced-out by out-of-state developers, and ever-increasing taxes/costs on an already strapped residential and commercial tax base.

As an incumbent, I will continue to advocate for mixed community developments that: supply needed housing (both affordable and luxury), expand our commercial tax base, inconspicuously provide needed parking (e.g. underground), and comply with green construction policies.

It is "OUR time" to redevelop Union Square BY LOCALs and FOR LOCALs.

Matthias Rudolf

matthias rudolf

Ferment Bakery
24 Monroe Street

business owner, immigrant

I am a recently naturalized immigrant (from Switzerland), run a small business, and am a home owner and resident since 2015. I look at the Union Square Neighborhood Council as an exciting way to contribute to our community. Running a small subscription-based bakery in Somerville that got its start thanks to the SAC’s Nibbles program for culinary entrepreneurs vividly brought home the importance of community initiatives and common spaces.

I am running to help ensure that Union Square remains a welcoming public space, host to artists and small businesses, a vibrant, diverse center for residents old and new to come together and experience community. I am enthusiastic, willing to do the work, and persistent. I hope to listen to community voices and tap into the abundant local expertise and neighborhood resources

David Scott

david scott
63 Boston Street homeowner

As a Somerville resident, I get a thrill out of making and maintaining relationships with my neighbors. As a performing artist, I get a thrill out of working with different musicians, venue staff, and audiences. As a college professor, I get a thrill from helping students from all over the world achieve their dreams. As Executive Vice President of the 800-member Berklee Faculty Union, I get a thrill from engaging members in order to build collective power. The common thread here is simple: relationships are wealth. I am eager to help build and focus the collective power of my neighbors in order to realize our aspirations. My 20 years of residency in Union Square, first as a renter and then as a homeowner, have created a deep network of relationships to build upon. I have my priorities, but I’m more interested in yours. Democracy is power, and the USNC has the potential to help us all have more of a say in our lives.

Bill Shelton

bill shelton

65 Boston Street homeowner

My reasons for running are captured by the Neighborhood Council’s vision, mission, and goals, which I collaborated on writing, and which I’ve pursued in this neighborhood for 34 years as an activist, advocate, and nonprofit developer.

While my hard skills are in community-based economic development, my overarching commitment is to sustain, extend, and strengthen the bonds of community among our diverse neighbors. Anyone who wishes to know my positions on housing, displacement, community, empowerment, urban design, open space, and systemic urban management may read them in Somerville Times columns that I’ve written, or acquaint themselves with past advocacy campaigns.