USNC General Meeting

Wednesday, May 23, 2018



Public Safety building (220 Washington Street) — Academy room — 7-9 PM


1. Welcome and introductions
2. Approval of minutes of 5/16/18 meeting (5minutes)
3. Public Comment on tonight’s agenda items (10 minutes)
4. Approval of draft letter to the Design Review Committee for 5/24 meeting on the D2 Parcel, Plan and organizing for the meeting (20 minutes)  Note:  The planned 5/24 meeting has been postponed to a date which has not yet been announced.
5. First take on draft of the Neighborhood Council position paper on 65 Bow St. Development (15 minutes)
6. Public Comment (10 minutes)
7. Next meeting date and time
8. Executive Session for the Board (60 minutes)

The second hour of the meeting was open only to board members, since that portion was conducted in executive session under the terms of the USNC bylaws.