USNC General Meeting

Tuesday, March 31, 2020




This meeting was conducted by means of the Zoom conferencing software.  Video is available via the link above (right-click and Save Link As to download, left-click to stream in new window/tab).  A chat log was produced as the result of participant entries.


  1. Welcome and introductions 
  2. Public Comment (5 minutes)
    Harvard graduate student Alexis Farmer made a statement and answered questions put to her by board members.  She had some questions of her own, submitted via email.
  3. Approval of Minutes of January 14, 2020 & February 18, 2020 Meetings (5 minutes)
  4. Election Committee report (5 minutes)
  5. Decision on when to elect new officers (10 minutes)
  6. Decision on how to respond to results of non-binding advisories for change to Bylaws concerning election procedures (15 minutes)
  7. Report on any new developments with the CBA for Union Square (10 minutes)
  8. Decision on whether to invite Tom Macone, developer of large project on Glass Stop/Russell site across from Target, to make presentation to board or try to meet with Dan Bartman of OSPCD first on zoning for the site (15 minutes)
  9. Decision on whether to invite John Fenton of DLJ, developer of Boynton Yards, to make a presentation to the board about plans for Gentle Giant site (15 minutes)
  10. Report on Progress of I (10 minutes)
  11. Discussion of formation of committee to make suggestions for broadening participation in the USNC over the long haul (10 minutes)
  12. Public Comment