USNC General Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2020




This meeting was conducted by means of the Zoom conferencing software.  Video is available via the link above (right-click and Save Link As to download, left-click to stream in new window/tab).


  1. Welcome and introductions 
  2. Public Comment (5 minutes)
  3. Approval of Minutes of March 31, 2020 Meetings (10 minutes)
  4. Election of Officers (10 minutes)
  5. Decision on how to respond to results of non-binding advisories for changes to Bylaws concerning election procedures (20 minutes)
  6. Report from the Monitoring/Oversight Committee for the Union Square CBA (15 minutes)
  7. Decision on how to respond to request of two developers of large projects to make presentations of their plans to the Board (15 minutes)
  8. Report on SomerVision 2040 (10 minutes)
  9. Public Comment (10 minutes)